Imagination Technologies fires photon ray

Image courtesy Movieclips.com   Imagination Technologies has introduced its latest ray tracing IP, the IMG CXT for its flagship B-series GPU IP. The announcement marks the debut of Imagination’s PowerVR Photon ray tracing architecture.  Photon, says Imagination, is the industry’s most advanced ray tracing architecture, bringing desktop-quality visuals to mobile and embedded applications. The biggest news is that it has already … Read more

DMP applies its AI smarts to Yamaha Motors

Last summer, we reported about DMP Inc. and Basemark's announcement of smart mirrors for vehicles using AI. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg for DMP’s AI efforts. In May 2019, Yamaha Motor ($16 billion revenue) took a 10% stake in DMP Inc. In coming years, Yamaha Motors will ship 50 million motorcycles, boat motors, golf carts, etc., … Read more

Imagination Technologies new B-series multi-core GPU IP

  Late last year, Imagination Technologies introduced its IMG A-Series. At the time, they said it was their most important GPU launch since the mobile PowerVR GPU, 15 years ago. Now, 11 months later, the company says it has topped itself and announced the IMG B-Series—a new expanded range of GPU IP. Imagination says the B-series multi-core lets customers reduce … Read more

Think Silicon secures investment round

Think Silicon based in Patras, Greece, was founded by George Sidiropoulos and Iakovos Stamoulis in 2007 with the vision to supply configurable IP semiconductor modules for complex SoCs. The company went on to develop IP for a line of low-power, powerful GPUs, and has developed a following over the years.  Last week Metavallon VC announced they are leading the first … Read more

Imagination expands its NN accelerator lineup

Just in time for Festivus, Imagination Technologies has announced its upgraded lineup of Neural Network Accelerator IP cores with three new IP core lines becoming available by the second half of 2019. This blizzard of new IP includes a new generation of single-core accelerators, a new range of multi-core IPs and a hybrid NN/GPU Compute core, all supported by an … Read more

What you see, may be more than what you bargained for

Whether it be hardware or software, it's no longer enough to build bigger, faster, more efficient products. They gotta be smarter.  That's what we're seeing this Fall. Every meeting we've attended that introduced new semiconductor technology has dutifully listed hardware features: cores, process, busses, and transistors but has also stressed software enhancements. Software introductions list features, lots of features including AI, … Read more

Arm’s project Trillium

Too little too late, or the foreshadowing of history? Arm took advantage of the post-CES news lull to announce, “Project Trillium,” a suite of software tools for neural network inferencing at the edge, along with new hardware IP for deep neural network (DNN) acceleration that is scheduled to be available for licensing in late 2018. The key software element of … Read more

Visual Processors and CNN —the next generation supercomputer report from Jon Peddie Research

TIBURON, CA – January 2, 2018 – Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, today released its latest quarterly report on the Visual Processing Unit (VPU) market. The major interest and activity in the market for Vision Processing Units (VPUs) continues to center on neural networks, both in terms of advances in the … Read more