Ray Tracing

DLSS 2.0 is a big leap in rendering

The basic concept of Deep Learning Super Sampling—DLSS—is just what its name implies. Nvidia trains a deep learning AI model with very high-quality images on a supercomputer and provides that model along with their GPU driver. Games use that model during gameplay to create a higher resolution image using computations based on lower resolution game renders along with the power … Read more

Imagination shows the way to ray tracing

A ray traced version of Imagination Technologies’ headquarters building     Imagination has had ray tracing capabilities since 2010 when they acquired the boutique ray tracing company Caustic. Caustic had developed a hardware accelerator which Imagination turned into an RTL core and added to their stable of IP accelerators. The company has built out their ray tracing SDK and, in the … Read more

GTC news: Realtime ray tracing for work and play comes closer

As a rule, game technology doesn’t get much play at GTC, Nvidia’s technology conference. The company gets enough of that all year round. After this year, we don’t think there’ll be much confusion about what kind of company Nvidia is. It’s a technology company with interests in almost every compute platform: edge, mobile, consoles, PCs, workstations, HPC, the data center, … Read more

The levels of ray tracing

With ray tracing becoming increasingly important for a wide range of graphics applications, Imagination Technologies has developed a Ray Tracing Level System to give developers and OEMs an insight into the capability of solutions for ray tracing acceleration available now and in the future. The System identifies increasingly advanced stages of ray tracing acceleration, across a range of architectures, not just … Read more

Foundry teases Katana 4.0

The Foundry’s Katana is a powerful tool for lighting and look development. Compared to so many tools used in entertainment content creation, it is a relatively young application. Foundry added Katana to its portfolio in 2011 through a deal with Sony Imageworks to package and further develop the portfolio of tools developed by Imageworks to handle lighting and look development. … Read more

The hot GPU chips

I didn’t have to drive one and a half hours each way to hear and see the GPU presentations at Hot Chips this year, something I will be eternally grateful for. I did miss getting to see some of my friends, but I see many of them on Zoom calls anyway. The air didn’t get any more polluted and my … Read more

Is ray tracing catching on?

Source: Francis Damm   It was late July 2018, when Nvidia surprised and delighted the world with the introduction of its RTX GPU that could deliver real-time ray tracing, dubbed RTRT. If you build it, will they come? It was a gamble. Nvidia had to not only design and manufacture the chip, but they also had to build a toolset … Read more

Minecraft with Nvidia’s ray tracing GPU and RTX

Nvidia offered a sneak peek at what is possible when the world’s most popular game employs ray tracing technology. The company is also offering some tutorials to help Minecrafters get started using ray tracing in their constructions. The company said they have been working with some of the world’s most talented creators in the Minecraft community in preparation for the … Read more