If you like Zen2, you’ll love Zen3

(Source:  AMD) AMD created an extraordinarily good design with the Zen architecture in April 2017. You can measure that by the steady generation-to-generation improvements the company has made with Zen’s various derivatives. The latest iteration is the new Ryzens. AMD predicts a 19% improvement in instructions-per-clock (IPC) for the Zen 3 over last year’s Zen 2 design version. This improvement … Read more

AMD Q2 2020 results

AMD’s first quarter was up from Q1 and year-to-year in sales. Revenue was $1.93 billion, up 26% year-over-year primarily driven by higher Computing and Graphics segment revenue. Net profit was down 7.8% quarter-over-quarter due to lower revenue in both segments and up 349% year-to-year. “We delivered strong second-quarter results, led by record notebook and server processor sales as Ryzen and … Read more

AMD Ryzen 4000 Series DT APUs with bigger GPUs

AMD has introduced its 7 nm Ryzen 4000 and 3000 Series desktop APUs with Radeon graphics and says they are designed for OEMs and pre-built PCs for consumer and commercial markets. The company has introduced 18 models segmented by regular and Pro, and with each three Athlon versions. The APU starts with the 35 w Athlon 3050E which has 3 … Read more

The road to Sony’s PS5

An ultra-high-speed SSD, with an integrated custom I/O system, a custom AMD GPU with ray tracing, and a highly immersive 3D audio processor. Mark Cerny, the lead system architect for the upcoming PS5, gave a virtual presentation called The Road to PS5 and revealed the main features of Sony’s future console. The new console will have three major features: a … Read more

AMD Q4 2019 results: revenues, margins

AMD turned 50 in May 2019   Despite a great quarter, AMD’s stock was down about 2.6% after the company reported its Q4’19 which beats Wall Street estimates. The problem was the company’s guidance for Q1’20 was slightly below what Wall Street anticipated. The company announced revenue for Q4’19 of $2.13 billion, operating income of $348 million, net income of … Read more

AMD releases the 7-nm Pro W5700

  The evolution of graphics processors has profoundly changed over the last 20 years. The first specialized graphics architectures were almost purely fixed-function and could only accelerate a very limited range of computation such as geometry or lighting transformations. Programmable shaders gave developers new levels of capabilities, but with allocated functionality. Unified shaders offered dynamic load balancing and advanced branching. … Read more

AMD announces its new RX 5500 is stuck in an Apple

  AMD announced the Radeon RX 5500 series GPU based on their RDNA gaming architecture and promising the ultimate in high-performance, high-fidelity 1080p gaming. The company claims the Radeon RX 5500 series provides up to 37% faster performance on average than the competition in select titles at 1080p, supercharging top AAA and eSports games. Acer, HP, Lenovo, and MSI to … Read more

AMD reports Q3 2019 results: good news continues

  AMD’s third-quarter earnings results matched Wall Street’s expectations and surprised a few others with its jump in profits. AMD reported its quarterly results for calendar Q3 2019, revenues and operating income were up year-over-year as well as its graphics and compute groups revenue. Profits and announced earnings per share were 18 cents on revenue of $1.8 billion. Analysts expected … Read more