Shaper updates round out modeling front end

Shapr3D as added new features for documentation, lofting, text, and Windows support. (Source: Shapr3D)   Shapr3D, an ambitious company based in Budapest, Hungary, and founded in 2015 by István Csanády. The company and its 3D modeling tool have ground rapidly, relentlessly adding on features to enable their product to compete head-to-head with the established leaders who have been rapidly iterating … Read more

Kubotek offers CAD viewer for MBD

Kubotek’s version of MBE crosses the divide between 2D and 3D. It enables users to add dimensions and PMI (product manufacturing information) to create 3D models that combine the best of 2D and 3D.    It’s been a while since we wrote about Kubotek, makers of KeyCreator and utilities for manufacturing. It’s a venerable company with long experience in 2D … Read more

Adobe unveils new 3D content creation tools

Adobe has been stockpiling 3D software technology and tricks for a long time—forever almost if you count the 3D capabilities that are gradually but continuously integrated into the company’s bread and butter products— like Photoshop and Illustrator. In recent years the pace of the stockpiling picked up with the acquisition of Mixamo in 2015, a cloud-based character rigger, which is … Read more

Shapr3D continues breakneck pace of innovation

Shapr3D is a capable 3D modeler for engineers, designers, and hobbyists. The company has debuted its news version for the M1 Macs. (Source: Shapr3D)   Shapr3D started out as a mobile-first product for CAD design and, inevitably enough, it is moving up to M1 powered Macs. Winner of the Apple Design Award, Shapr3D has been featured in Apple’s recent keynotes … Read more

Dassault comes out of 2020 stronger than ever

Dassault is enjoying the benefits of its diversification strategy and its unbounded optimism. The company has had complete faith in its decades-long vision of a cloud-based integrated set of tools that reach all the way down to the consumer and up to corporate leaders and government agencies. They’re a long way towards realizing that vision, but the world is coming … Read more

Dassault advances Solidworks capabilities with cloud-based 3DExperience Works

Everyone is a creator: The 3DExperience Grand Challenge this year enlisted the Solidworks employee community to pick 3DExperience Works tools and participate in the design of a space station with teams given the responsibility to design a 100 m × 72 m × 68 m module using 3D Creator, 3D Sculptor for whatever they wanted—life support, recreation, food support, waste … Read more

Lightmap introduces the Xenon Drop 2 update for HDR Light Studio

The HDR Light Studio interface offers multiple controls for adding, adjusting, and finetuning a variety of lights in a scene. (Source: Lightmap) Rendering is one thing, but lighting can be another. Lightmap, based in Nottingham, England has been helping artists, engineers, and designers fine-tune their lighting since 2009. The company’s product HDR Light Studio works with the leading 3D modeling … Read more

KeyShot and Stratasys shorten the trip to print

In July 2020, Stratasys added the J55 compact to its line of J series multijet printers, which can now print multiple colors, textures, and materials, all in the same run. Stratasys has been actively building a pipeline for its printers through the 3MF consortium which will enable designers to create a prototype in less time with more realism.  Stratasys has … Read more

Do dual AIBs help?

If you read my article on multi-GPUs you know that SLI and Crossfire have been retired, and Nvidia has introduced NVLink. The intrepid Mark Poppin of BabelTech Reviews wanted to find out if adding a second AIB could actually improve performance. He hooked up an Nvidia RTX 3090 FE and an RTX 2080 Ti (adding up to ~ $2,800 of … Read more