GPU outlook for PC gaming and data centers

  The PC GPU market is multi-segmented over several platforms and multiple market categories. Therefore, it is not possible to make summary assumptions and predictions about GPUs because a GPU is not a single thing. This is an overview of the GPU market. It is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather one of our regular updates on the topic. … Read more

Do you need a workstation?

There was a time when the definition of a workstation was crystal clear and so was the decision about having one. If you needed a workstation, you knew who you were and you knew how to get it: ask IT.  Alternatively, whine, bully, and demand it from IT. And, the machine you got would have a RISC-based processor, a customized … Read more

AMD squeezes its transistors to re-enter high end

AMD has released its latest Vega 20 GPU and Radeon AIB implementation the Radeon VII, a 3840 shader (60 Vega compute units) with 16 GB of HBM2 RAM, for $699. The new AIB uses 300 watts which is 40% more than the RTX 2080 and goes a long way towards explaining why it has three fans compared to RTX’s two. … Read more

AMD CES keynote

Further evidence that AMD is at the top of its game came with the company’s keynote at CES this year. The company took a keynote spot for the first time while Intel let the opportunity pass.  CES CEO Gary Shapiro, who seems to be ageless, introduced Lisa Su, and couldn’t have done a better job if he had worked for … Read more

Have a MacBook and want more (GPU) power?

Hang an external AIB box on it. But not just any box, and not just any AIB. Apple recently announced that it is offering support for certain external chassis equipped with certain AMD AIBs. Such chassis are referred to as an eGPU, an external GPU and frequently called a box or even a bread box, so they become a EGPUBB … Read more

Passing the baton

One of the great designers, visionaries, and most joyful people in the world is Raja Koduri. He is also a personal friend. Raja, after too many years of 25-hour days, and with a pile of world-class successes behind him has decided to take a new direction in life, and has moved back to India to care for family members and … Read more

Threadripper vs. i9 7900x

Our friends at @Xi Computer loaned us monster i9 machine that we used to compare against the AMD Threadripper (TR). It wasn’t a totally fair comparison in that the i9 7900x only has ten 3.3 GHz cores, and the AMD TR has 16, 3.7 GHz cores. But don’t jump to conclusions, the results are not as predictable as you might suspect.